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2024 Instagram Coaching in Australia

The Ela Mazur Creative Agency

was founded in 2018 by director Ela Duys and quickly built a reputation as one of the leading Instagram management & training companies in Australia. 

Our mission

Our company exists to help businesses elevate their Instagram marketing & take out the stress and confusion that can often arise when business owners try to tackle the ‘gram on their own! 

Meet Ela

Hey, I’m Ela. 

The face behind Ela Mazur Creative, a Perth based social media agency that specialises in Instagram Management, Coaching and all things organic marketing.

I remember the first time my business made as much as my yearly income from my corporate job, in one month! I knew I could do it, but until it happened I always had self doubt lingering. 

AND this happened all through the content I was posting on Instagram.

This is not something I often talk about, but I wanted to be more transparent with you about how powerful this platform is when you dedicate the time and energy to it. 

Sure, it can be challenging to navigate for many businesses. But it also brings us so many OPPORTUNITIES. FOR FREE!

When you know who you are speaking to and truly BELIEVE that your offer can solve their problems, your marketing SELLS itself. 

I’ve managed to grow year on year over 4 years, without paid advertising, without cold sales or cold DM’s (yuk).

I’m not telling you to brag, but to tell you that you can do the same. It’s possible for you too. It’s not a QUICK fix. It’s LONG TERM commitment and consistency that drive results. 

If you are ready to invest to get the results you want on Instagram, click here to book a call. 

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Meet The Team


Name: Kaitlyn Mann

Qualification: Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations

Job role: Social Media Manager

Currently Reading: The Inheritance Games series

Fave drink: I don't really drink alcohol but my fave coffee is a soy flat white

What do you love about Instagram: Helping small businesses grow through organic social media

Most use emoji: 🥰 


Name: Bart Duys

Qualification: BA in Economics (Money and Banking) + BA in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Job Role: Co Founder & CFO

Currently Watching: House of Dragons (not loving it though)

Currently Reading: So You're Going to be a Dad

Fave Drink: Coffee

What you love about Instagram: That Ela loves it... 

Most used emoji: 😉  


Name: Amy Dury

Job Role: Online Business Manager

Currently Watching: Mr. Mercedes - but warning, it's reeeeally messed up. 

Currently Reading: Shantaram & Cult Status

Fave Drink: Spicy coconut margi, homemade iced tea, flat white with an extra shot... there are so many. Big on beverages.

What you love about Instagram: The community & connection. I've met some incredible friends & clients on the 'gram.

Most used emoji: 🤭 


Learn...who you are speaking to & how to sell to them, Instagram strategies to implement, content planning for the month and getting it DONE!

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