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3 Month Content Plan 

3 Month Content Plan


As a busy business owner I know you have the best intentions every month to plan and create your content, but you don’t have the time to sit down and properly figure it out. 

What even is spare time?

My 3 Month Content Planner has been designed because I understand that it’s a tough market at the moment. You may want to outsource your socials but you also might not have the budget at the moment. Which is okay. 

3 Month Content Plan

$850 or 2 payments of $425


✅ 3 month detailed content plan with prompts: delivered in a PDF with 20 post prompts per month that tell you the type of post (photo, reel, carousel, graphic), content pillar, what to post and a call to action. 

✅ Visual grid layout (what your feed can look like) 

✅ 2 x 20 m in zoom calls with me, one before I start and one when I deliver it to you 

This will be inline with your business goals. 

Easy to follow. 

All you need to do is execute it.

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Learn...who you are speaking to & how to sell to them, Instagram strategies to implement, content planning for the month and getting it DONE!

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