Instagram Audit Part 3: Your Content

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Does your Instagram content need auditing?

Are you ready for all the ✨ wisdom ✨ I’m about to drop? 

The past year has been an absolute roller coaster in the world of Instagram, with more updates than we could ever keep up with.

But there is one thing that will always remain true - consistency is key!

So let’s dive into part 3 of my complete guide on How to Audit your Instagram account: Content Audit so that you can nail your content and stay consistent.

How to: Content Audit Your Instagram

Content mix

What types of content are you currently posting? Lots of static posts? Only graphics? In this age of Instagram, video content is king. That doesn’t mean that you should only be posting video content but if you want to keep up, you should be creating video content just as much as graphics and static posts.

Content categories

Is the content you’re posting using a mix of promotional, value, and connection content? Do you have way more promotional content than value and connection? You want to ensure that you are posting more value and connection content than promotional content to avoid coming across like you are just selling to your audience. 

Look into what you are currently posting and adjust to make a more balanced ratio of the content categories.

Use your insights

Often we forget that our insights exist but they can tell us so much about what our audience likes and doesn’t like. Have a look at which of your posts have performed well in the past year. These are the types of posts that your audience enjoys and want to see more of.

Content pillars

Are you posting on the fly? And not really worrying about if your content aligns with your content pillars? You should always align your posts with one of your content pillars - then you KNOW that it will align with your audience!

How is your content going? Does it need a bit of a tweak and an update?

-Ela xx

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