How to use AI for your Hashtag Strategy

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I recently asked AI to give me a prompt that you can use to ask it to suggest relevant hashtags for an Instagram account. And this is what it said…

So I used the prompt for my own account - “What are some relevant hashtags that a social media manager can use to increase their visibility on social media?”

And it gave me 20 relevant hashtags that I think are actually pretty good. But I wanted to see if we can take it a step further… So I asked it if it could provide analytics on each hashtag as we would when creating a hashtag strategy for clients.

This was the best it could provide, but hey I’d say this is still pretty impressive. 

Having a hashtag strategy is essential for ensuring your hashtags are targeting the right audiences in order to get your content in front of the eyes that matter. And it seems like if you’re really stuck for where to start on finding hashtags, AI could help you.

In saying that, nothing beats a social media expert curating your hashtag strategy just for you, knowing your business and goals on a personal level. When you become an Ela Mazur Creative Management Client, a perfectly curated hashtag strategy to get the right eyes on your biz is included + audited every quarter. 

If you'd like a little help with your IG, head here & book a call!

Do you think you’ll be trying this out? 🤍

Ela xx

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