How To Make Creating Content Easy

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Are you desperately wishing there was a way to make creating content easy?

No more coming up with new ideas?

No more spending hours on a post that gets seen by only a select few and then it’s forgotten?

No more spending so much time on creating content when there’s a million other things you need to be doing?

Creating content for your marketing is important, but it also gets to be easy. Especially when you haven’t got the time, energy or creative juice to invest in creating new content right now.

I’m sure this all sounds like a wonderful dream. So how do I help make this a reality for my clients?


There’s 3 ways to make creating content easy.

1. Repurpose some of your best performing posts

Find your top 5 performing posts and either tweak the copy a little or add a new image or graphic. (Hint: if it’s a graphic, simply change the colours!)

Your audience already loved it, so they’ll be thankful for the reminder. And remember that your audience is always growing with new followers who haven’t seen that top performing post before.

2. Turn a REEL into a GRAPHIC or GRAPHIC into a REEL

Your audience vibe with different formats. Some love videos, some love infographics. So use that same top performing reel or graphic and copy the same caption or copy and turn it into the opposite format.

3. Or you can always OUTSOURCE and ask for help

You don’t have to do it all yourself. If sticking to your zone of genius feels better and you’d rather palm off your social media to someone else, then go for it. Outsourcing can free up a lot of your time (and pressure). This is where we shine, social media is our zone of genius and we love doing it!

Remember, creating content doesn’t have to be hard. I repurpose my content all the time because not only does my audience love it, but it reinforces me as the expert in that topic. So don’t spend hours slogging over your content. Use this tips to make it so much easier.

-Ela xx

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