How to Focus on Shareable Content

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Instagram Content Creation

I have seen so many accounts and people saying that Instagram feels different. 

Their insights are down. 

Their followers aren’t seeing their content. 

Engagement is lower.

We saw this across multiple of our clients’ accounts last year, too. 

Likes and comments were down

But you know what was up? SAVES and SHARES! 

Think about the way you use Instagram…

If you see something you relate to, are you more likely to comment on it or
send it to a friend? 

I know I have noticed myself sharing more and more content with my friends over the years. 

And I think Instagram has noticed, too.

That’s why there’s such a push for shareable content. 

So, how do you focus on creating more shareable content?

Deep dive your insights:
What is the kind of content that is getting the most shares on your page already? Is it graphics? Reels? Longer captions? Focus on that.

Be relatable: When your audience relates to your content, they’re more likely to share it with their friends and others who might also relate. The trick is to make sure it’s relatable to your audience but also aligns with your brand and strategy.  

Value: Value, specifically tips and tricks, are highly shareable. Think about which tips and tricks align with your content pillars and niche that you can share. 

Story shares: There’s content that people like to share with their friends and family, and then there’s content that gets shared to stories. These are typically quotes, statistics, and news. 

While this is a good starting point, each account is different and shareable content will need to be implemented differently for each account.

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