How To Check If You’re Achieving Your Instagram Goals

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Do you ever feel like you’re creating content, posting and then you don’t know what to do.

How do you know if it was a successful post?

How do you know if you achieved your goals?

Because a successful social media strategy isn’t about posting for the likes. Your content needs to be much more than just enjoyable. It needs to build brand awareness, turn customers into advocates and drive leads and sales. What’s the point of creating content for your business if the end goal isn’t eventually to secure sales from it?

Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the different metrics measuring your different goals.

What’s the right Instagram metrics for your Instagram goals?

Every persons goals are different, and this then changes what metrics are most important for you to measure. Your goals will also change depending on what season of business you’re in. For example: are you building awareness of your brand or wanting to make sales?

The team and I are consistently checking up on our client’s goals for their social media. Usually we catch up every month over Zoom but we understand when you’re too busy so we’ll have a quick check-in via email instead.

What’s your Instagram goal?

Whether you’re creating your content yourself or have someone doing it for you, you always want to know what your goals are. These influence so much, such as:

  1. What content needs to be created
  2. What call to actions the content needs
  3. What metrics are the most important to measure.
  4. Track whether the content is actually achieving those goals or if we need to tweak something

The Instagram metrics to measure for specific goals

These are the typical goals and the metric we will track:

Brand awareness 👉🏼 Followers & Impressions
Turn customers into advocates 👉🏼 DM’s, mentions, & shares
Drive leads and sales 👉🏼 Website clicks, saves, & shares
This is why your reach and likes aren’t always that important. They’re more of a vanity metric, but they don’t play a big role in seeing if your content has achieved its goal.

If you’re not looking at the right metrics, then your content may be doing really well for the goal you have, but if you’re only looking at the reach and likes you may get misled into thinking it’s a flop (but it’s brought in the most sales).

Don’t forget to keep the above in mind the next time you’re worried about your reach or likes and when deciding the type of content to post.

Ela xx

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