How To Boost Your Instagram Graphic Shares

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Want to boost the shares on your Instagram graphics? Of course you do. Let’s dive into all things graphics: why they’re important and how to boost their shareability factor.

Should I even do Instagram graphics?

The short answer is: YES!

Graphics are a really valuable tool that many people overlook in their social media strategy. Just think about the graphics you share with your friends or to your stories. That one post was suddenly seen by multiple eyeballs, and eyeballs that probably never knew you existed. Sharing of graphics is an amazing way to grow your audience and get more ideal clients seeing you exist (and eventually work with you).

It also builds your status as the expert on that topic and your know, like, trust factor.

How? Well, when someone we already know and trust is sharing a piece of your content, we’re more inclined to positively view your content. We value the other person's opinion and trust their recommendations. They saw value in it, so we’re more inclined to see the value in it too.

What about the graphic makes it so shareable?

You’re keen to start creating graphics, but getting it to go viral on the ‘gram is another thing. Have a think about the last graphic you shared: what made you hit ‘share’? 

At the root of it, the number one reason why graphics are successful on the ‘gram is that they’re enough ON THEIR OWN.

Without the caption, without anything else! The graphic:

Tells the entire story

Gives all the value

Is summarised in one image

It’s not often that I share something with a friend because I want them to read the caption.

So, if a graphic is powerful enough on its own without the caption, then THAT is a good graphic! Its shareability factor just went up 10 fold.

But don’t worry if you don’t succeed on the first go. It took me lots of testing to understand what kind of graphics resonated with my audience for this to be effective. For example, my graphics used to look like this - and yessss I don't delete them because I like to see the evolution of my account.

They may look pretty but they don’t offer any value to the viewer unless they read the caption. 

This is what my graphics look like now. 👇🏼



Can you see the difference?

Both of my new graphics could be shared to your story and your audience would instantly know they'll get all the value by clicking on the post, without having to read the caption.

And let’s face it, we live in an instant gratification world. Your audience hasn’t got the time or the desire to be reading through the captions on every post.

Now it's your turn! This week I challenge you to create a graphic that's goal is to be shareable. 

See you on the gram! 

Ela xx

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