How to be Consistent with Content Creation

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Consistent Content Creation Ela Mazur Instagram Coach

Do you ever get really motivated to post on social media and end up batch creating two weeks plus of content, only to get to the end of the two weeks and realise that you don’t know what the eff to post now?

When this happens to me I usually don’t post for a few days and then BOOM💥, self doubt creeps in.

And when self doubt creeps in I second guess everything I post or avoid posting all together. Such a vicious cycle.

If this happens to you too, you’re probably asking “Ela, how do you actually be consistent with posting?”

The answer is simple!

I follow this system to consistently create content

  1. Identify the problems you’re solving

What are your ideal clients' pain points? When creating a social media strategy we will always identify any problems that the audience has. Once you know the problems, link how your product or service helps solve those problems. And that is what you should base most of your captions on.

  1. How can you educate your audience on this?

Ask yourself: what tips, tricks or skills can you teach them to help solve their problems? Or how can you help solve their problems?

  1. Do you have a story to tell about this problem your audience could connect with?

Whether it’s your own experience or a case study of a client who you’ve helped overcome this problem.

  1. What testimonials do you have where you have helped someone overcome this problem?

This is an easy one - copy and paste the amazing words from those you’ve helped. It creates a potent piece of content.

  1. Have a bank of ideas to fall back on

Once you know what pain points your ideal client is experiencing, you can go ahead and create lots of content ideas around each one. All the different ways and solutions they can improve this pain.

Having an organised bank of ideas can help when inspiration runs dry and your mind goes blank.

This is how I organise my ideas:

  •         For each problem your ideal client is struggling with, I recommend creating an educational post, connection post and promotional post for it.
  •         Then, for these three categories, create a mix of posts, reels, carousels and shareable graphics.
  1.   Schedule in a content creation day
    Whether it’s once a fortnight, once a month or whatever time frame works for you, your business and how much content is already scheduled and ready to go. Have a set day that happens on repeat, schedule a block of time and then all you have to do is:
  •         Choose ideas from your idea bank
  •         Choose what form that post will take (eg. a reel or a static post, etc)
  •         Take the photos and get creating

You’ve now got a big bank of ideas, different ways to share that one idea and a set day to create your content on repeat. The ultimate formula to be consistent and never have a day where you’re rushing and slapping together a mediocre post.

Are you in this situation right now? We’ve created a FREE guide for you! Check out our Free Mini Guide on How to Create Compelling Content on Instagram

Ela xx

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