How Memes Fit Into Your Content Strategy

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In a world full of Kardashians getting hitched πŸ’ and royals πŸ‘‘ poking their tongue out, the internet is swimming with meme potential.

Memes are the backbone of social media and have been since way back in 2012… I mean how else would you communicate with your friends from high school without memes to send back and forth?!

But where do they fit into your social strategy and how the heck do you even create one?

How do memes fit into your social strategy?

Now you know I’m all about planning out your content and creating it in advance but this might be the only exception to that rule πŸ™Š

Pop culture events only stay relevant for a very short period of time… Often less than 24 hours. So if you’re going to use a current event for a meme, I’d suggest posting it ASAP!

That being said, make sure that you are keeping in mind your audience; What do they have an interest in? Will they understand the context behind the meme? Does it fit with your brand?

Where to find ✨ memespiration ✨

There are a few places and accounts that I like to take inspiration from:

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ @shityoushouldcareabout is a great IG account for keeping up to date with current events and pop culture. Pop culture is always a great place to start for finding inspiration.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ @latermedia is always on point with their memes.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Pinterest is a great place to find cute animal pics to create memes with.

How to create your memes

There are two main ways that I like to create memes; Canva and Instagram.

The main benefit of using Instagram’s editing software is that the algorithm will pick up the keywords in the post and increase SEO. Upload your image into the story editor and start creating. Once you’re happy with it, press save and crop it to the right size in your camera roll.

The main benefit of using Canva is that you can use your brand fonts and colours. Upload your image to Canva and once you’re done editing, save it as a PNG.

Memes are a very powerful tool and a huge trend for 2023 so it is definitely worth testing it out for your socials. Keep in mind everything in this blog and you will do great, I promise 😁 

I’d love to see what you end up creating, so please tag me in your meme posts!

Ela x

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