Hashtags Part 2: How to create hashtags

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Welcome to part two of my three part blog series on all things hashtags. 

In our last blog we talked about what hashtags are, if they’re still relevant in 2023 and all the controversial updates that happened with hashtags on Instagram in 2022.

Now that we know that hashtags will help boost your SEO and you know you should definitely be using them, the next question is: how do you actually find good ones to use?

Step 1: Categorise

Before you jump into hashtag research, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. What I like to do is create a few different hashtag categories that I will look for. Here are two examples of how you can do this:


Step 2: Conduct the research

There are a few good ways to conduct hashtag research and one of my favourites is using the Instagram explore page. Jump onto the explore page and search for one hashtag you know is relevant to your category.  Check out the top performing posts to see which other hashtags they are using that are relevant to you.

 💡 TIP: Don’t forget to check how many post have been posted using that hashtag. Use a mix of larger and smaller hashtags so you’re not lost in the crowd.

Creating hashtags that are going to get your content seen by new ideal clients never got easier.

Stay tuned for the next blog on how to implement hashtags into a social strategy.

-Ela xx

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