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Call to actions are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to your copy and content, but used wrong you won’t get the desired effect.

I’ve seen a lot of marketers talk about how the CTA ‘DM me for more’ shouldn’t be used as it’s not effective. But I disagree.

‘DM me for more’ can be a really useful call to action because not everyone is confident to comment below and would rather talk to your privately about their issues than have it aired out for the masses to see.

Using the ‘DM me for more’ can be useful for certain industries and for certain purposes. Specifically, it can be great for sales and building deeper know-like-trust with your audience. If your audience isn’t yet ready to buy, that know-like-trust factor isn’t there or that isn’t the purpose of your post, then that call to action won’t be effective.

When should you use call to actions?

Every post! Your audience wants to be told what to do, and that’s what call to actions do. But not every call to action needs to be ‘DM me for more’.

What’s the right call to action to use?

I’ve got a handy guide to let you know what the right call to action is depending on what you’re wanting to achieve:

  1. Exposure: ‘tag a friend’ or ‘share this post’
  2. Comments: ‘comment x below’ or ask a question for them to answer
  3. Sales: ‘DM me’ or ‘tap the link to shop/in my bio’
  4. Converting: ‘DM me x’
  5. Followers: ‘follow for more’

The right call to action really depends on the industry you are in. Try them out and test for yourself to find the call to action that works best for you and your audience.

-Ela xx

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