7 Steps to Optimise your Instagram Bio

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Bio Optimisation Ela Mazur Instagram Coach

When’s the last time you took a look at your Instagram bio?

When you’re juggling trying to be on top of your posting, capturing content, remembering to reply to comments, plus actually running your business…revisiting your bio is the last thing on your mind.

Don’t worry, I get it!

So, this is your social media expert reminding you that it’s about time to do an Instagram bio ✨ audit ✨

  1. First things first

Whenever I am auditing a client’s bio, I will use this website to ensure that it fits within the character limit of 150. 

It also helps to write it in here first so you can make sure it’s 100% perfect before you change the real thing 😇

  1. Let’s increase searchability

The name field of the bio is one of the best (and most under-utilised) SEO tools on Instagram - which means you could have an edge over your competitors by doing this:

Into the name field add what it is that you do or targeted keywords that are relevant to your industry. For me, mine is “Ela | INSTA COACH + MGMT”

  1. The body

The body of your bio should be simple, targeted to your ideal audience, and explain what you do in a few short sentences or bullet points.

Think of it like an elevator pitch. You have only a few seconds of your audience’s attention before they decide to either look more at your profile or click away. So it needs to be streamlined and easy to understand. 

Here’s what my bio says:

Ela Duys | Social Media Management + Coaching
Supporting businesses with social media content + strategy
→ Insta Management, Coaching, Courses, UGC
→ 10 years+ marketing experience
↓ Work with us

  1. Do hashtags belong in a bio?

If you have a branded hashtag you should add this into your bio to help increase traffic to your hashtag. Which you can then use to collect user-generated content. 

However, adding hashtags into your bio won’t increase your searchability, so if you don’t have a branded hashtag, I’d leave the characters to use on something else.

  1. Link in bio or website link?

If you have multiple platforms that you wish to direct your audience to, for example, your website, your blog, podcast, a booking platform etc. then a link in bio is definitely going to be your best option. 

But if you simply only have a website, it’s not necessary!

  1. What do you want your audience to do?

Every bio should have a call to action. If you have a link that you want them to visit, your call to action could be “shop below” or “book below”.

If you want them to listen to your podcast your CTA could be “click the link below to listen 🎙”

Another way to entice them to take further action is to make your CTA a freebie like mine:


  1. Where are you located? 

Adding your location will help increase SEO plus it will help people determine if you are the right fit for them or if you’re located too far away from them.

BONUS STEP:  Add your pronouns

This is a totally optional step, but if you’d like to include your pronouns in your profile, Instagram allows you to add up to 4 pronouns to your profile. You can also choose whether this information is shared publicly, or shown to your followers only. 

So there you have it! My 7 steps to Instagram Bio Optimisation (plus a bonus!). Take some time this week to audit your bio, you won’t regret it. I promise. 

Ela xx

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